Local resident and campaigner Rob Hunter launches bid to become Bromsgrove Central’s next county councillor


I’m really proud to call Bromsgrove my home. I’ve always thought it was a great place to live and was delighted when my wife and I were finally able to buy our first home in Norton last year, after years of renting.

This is a really creative and industrious town, as demonstrated by the range of long standing businesses located here and the amazing news last year that we have had more business start ups than anywhere else outside of London.

I’m standing for election this May because I want hard working local residents to get the investment they deserve in their town. For too long we have been overlooked whilst major investment decisions favour other areas.

Take, for example, the traffic congestion which is crippling our town. Conservatives on Worcestershire County Council are happy to spend £42m on major upgrades to the A4440 around Worcester but have refused to consider a western relief road for Bromsgrove to unblock bottle necks on the A38. Bromsgrove Lib Dems have long campaigned for a relief road parallel with the M5 as a lasting solution to congestion problems but the Conservative controlled County Council will only commit to minor changes to the A38 which will not solve the problem. If elected in May I will champion our area and fight to tackle traffic congestion.

Bromsgrove Lib Dems offer a strong local voice for our area and are independent of central government. We will fight against damaging cuts to our public services and the unpleasant, divisive noises we have been hearing recently from other parties.

I care about Bromsgrove Central because I live here. I get stuck in the same traffic jams as you and packed into the same overcrowded trains . I want to work with local residents to make this town the best it can be.

Your views matter so please get in touch I’d love to hear from you.


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