Neil Lewis chosen as Bromsgrove Liberal Democrats candidate for GE17

THE BROMSGROVE Liberal Democrats have already chosen their candidate to stand in the general election on June 8.

Neil Lewis was quick to criticise Prime Minister Theresa May about her decision to call an early poll and made several pledges in a statement to The Standard.

He said: “This election is all about Brexit. It’s a straight fight between Hard Brexit Conservatives (meekly supported by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour) against the pro Single Market Lib Dems.

“A `hard’ Brexit deal will hurt many Bromsgrove people and businesses and we will be campaigning to stop Mrs May and Sajid Javid silencing their opponents.”

He said the Bromsgrove Liberal Democrats were ready to battle to ‘keep Britain open, tolerant and united’.

“The Conservatives offer the hardest of all Brexits, a rupture with our single market and a break with trade deals covering 50 plus nations whilst risking our economic future simply to please the extreme views of Tory backbenchers.

“The Government has no answers to the real problems facing our country and without a proper opposition, Labour have been letting the Tories getting away with it all.

“The Lib Dems have been fighting for people to have a say on the final EU deal, to make sure we are listened to properly once we know and understand the facts of what can actually be negotiated rather than the lies and falsehoods we heard last June.”

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We are delighted to announce the selection of Neil Lewis as Bromsgrove’s candidate in the General Election on 8th June. We look forward to working with him in the next few weeks and beyond as we campaign to take votes from the Conservatives, who believe they are so deeply embedded here in Worcestershire that they are unassailable. We know that we have the support of those local voters who wish to remain fully in the EU  but there are other issues and much of our support comes from voters who are shocked by the reductions in public spending and resultant cuts to public services, Some issues are local too and we have found dismay at the traffic congestion in Bromsgrove, which the present Conservative majority on our county council and  the Government seem unable or not interested in solving. We have answers at both national and local levels and look forward to sharing them in this very interesting election campaign.

Janet King,


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