Liberal Democrats are winning local council by elections across the country. We are predicted to gain 100 County Council seats nationally and are working hard to make sure some of these are in Worcestershire.  We will use the power and influence given to us by voters to bring a fresh and ambitious perspective to council business. We will champion the changes local residents want to see.

We are deeply committed to our local communities and are working hard to understand the issues and find the solutions.  We don’t grandstand and play politics.  We get on with the job and make a difference. OUR CANDIDATES ARE ALREADY TAKING UP ISSUES ON BEHALF OF LOCAL RESIDENTS.

Our commitments are:-

  • Real action to tackle traffic congestion including campaigning for a western relief by pass in Bromsgrove
  • Proper care of the most vulnerable with safeguarding children a top priority
  • Making our roads, pavements and alleyways fit and accessible for all to use and ensuring a more rapid response to highways repairs
  • Action to tackle excessive levels of air pollution in our town through road improvements, better public transport services and better use of cycle routes in the town
  • Championing investment in local schools to help every school in Worcestershire score at least a “Good” OFSTED rating
  • Scrutinising all “outsourced” contracts to ensure we get what we pay for
  • Campaigning for more investment in local social care services and working with the NHS to get the best health services possible
  • Engaging with local police teams to tackle illegal parking




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